Author: Rich Love

  • Through You

    My walls are closing in It’s time to begin When I offer my imperfections My life can begin Did you find your place in life Did you explore your dreams Or were you running too fast Experiencing a world of extremes Love flows through you I receive love through you Copyright Rich Love © 2008

  • The Sound

    I can’t believe my eyes Distorted views decay within In a world of vanity How does love stand again It seems like I’m sinking deep Drowning in the sea And every time I try to rise I’m down on my knees Children ride bicycles in busy streets Without traffic lights We keep spinning around Waiting […]

  • Queen Without A King

    She’s always talking about everyone else She’s a little too prefect too good for herself Her life is a palace she knows everything And I know that’s why I’m not her king She’s a queen she’s searching She’s a queen without a king She lives a queen’s life with who she’ll choose Just when she’s […]

  • Highway Standoff

    Live with details and blown out tires Thank God there were no casualties Pour out your feelings driver We don’t want your big story It’s the second time this week Another highway standoff Why can’t you tell me what you really want from me Sometimes I feel the need to escape somewhere beyond the sun […]

  • Downhill

    People taking chances without any rhythm or reason I can’t help from wondering if every day is a big story Living gets harder by the moment when you’re going downhill It takes all I have not to lose myself in worry I’ve been up and down round and round And when I believe to understand […]

  • Dream Within A Dream

    It was nearing sunset Somewhere in a dream within a dream As I stood facing the end of day I felt love whisper in my ear Within every single moment Within every whimsical stage I heard the leaves whirl and wind whistle I am still dreaming When you come to know and realize love This […]

  • Bleary-eyed

    I’m openly confused and bleary-eyed I’m waiting for something bigger than myself Diving for pearls and searching for freedom Let me drown in the ocean of love Evolve and awaken me from on High Merge me with You keep love close Give me a key to unlock closed doors Let my soul forever soar Stand […]

  • Everybody is saying

    Everybody is saying That there’s something wrong with me But everybody is running And they never move at all Everyone is happy Behind a veil of illusion But someday from the fence they will fall Everybody is saying Without truly doing Everybody is dreaming Pointing fingers in blame Just because I won’t play their game […]

  • Coming Back (Part Two)

    My record’s bad, my love is sad I long for you, I’m coming back Coming back, coming back Don’t you cry babe, I’m coming back They locked me up for getting mad So don’t you cry girl, I’m coming back Coming back, coming back Don’t you cry babe, I’m coming back Girl, I’ll never lie […]

  • Too Close

    I saw you holding him too close, too close You had me believing you almost, almost I’m not looking back on the shadows of the past But sometimes, I’ll think of you and the love that was too last Step back, won’t you please your too close You were my first love and now your […]