Author: Rich Love

  • Souls

    Souls, The journey inward Leads to success of life But some need to lose And change their souls Behind a curtain You find a contestant Some of importance Others have appearance In the active living journal We meet the natural monster It develops and tends garden As we come into the light We’ll be there […]

  • In Him I Trust

    IN HIM I TRUST I’ve given up everything Just for a taste of love Looking back I’m carefree With YOU above In HIM I trust I stand here looking out My prison cell window I see nothing out there Except YOU my lord In HIM I trust I don’t worry If the people don’t believe […]

  • Eighty-five cents

    Eighty-five cents I come to you I come to you I got a blank check with insufficient funds in my bank I got a credit card with the balance overdrawn I got eighty-five cents in my pocket and to my name I got a half tank of gas and I’m smoking my last cigarette I’m […]

  • The One Upstairs

    The ONE upstairs loves HIS children on earth Although we cannot see HIM, HE never leaves us Only a few share HIS great divine secret Now and then HE dresses up as man and comes downstairs. Lucky for us GOD loves HIS creation so much Through endless time HE has worn many coats HE comes […]

  • Eyes Of The Son

    EYES OF THE SON Looking into the eyes of her son Gazing through the windows of her soul Giving all that she could Blaming all that she wants, but herself She’s just a mother She won’t let him go She’s just a mother Never let’s him grow When I look up to the heavens My […]

  • His Endless Smile

    His endless smile Reaches far beyond the Nile And it can’t be measured No it can’t be measured His endless LOVE Touches everyone and rises us above And it can’t be measured No it can’t be measured His endless beginning Creates everything and nothing The Master’s face is behind every mask We all wear His […]

  • He Gave You His Love

    Do you know what it’s like To completely give up Could you imagine Drinking from His cup I just want to be free And never have to worry Change my life on Your time So I’m never in a hurry He gave you His love Will you take it on He wants you along Will […]

  • Empty Face and Flash of Death

    EMPTY FACE He soaked his mind Into the sky To absorb life He could not find. Distorted views Decay within The come down drowns him Slowly to the end. No drugs can cure His deepest fear Out of his brain He tries to maintain. Just another Lonely soul Soon to die from the taste Of […]