Author: Ricky Wright

  • I walk the path

    As the lord sees fit With guiding hands I make my way Through treacherous lands Of falling trees And devouring sands I stick to the word Thy Heavenly plans Protect me always For I honor thy name Make me a winner In this life-long game I walk the path Of right direction Dissecting my ways […]

  • I am more

    I am more of a poet Than a writer More of a diplomat Than a fighter I am more of a real Than a faker More of a giver Than a taker I am more of an intuition Than an intellect More of a kindness Than a disrespect I am more of a hybrid Than […]

  • You can’t? Me!

    You can’t like me? Fight me! You can’t beat me? Bite me! You can’t see me? Light me! You can’t teach me? Try me! You can’t reach me? Buy me! You can’t preach me? Lie me! You can’t speech me? Eye me! You can’t well me? Tap me! You can’t tell me? Slap me! You […]

  • Untitled

    I must be something Like a lone ranger, In a room full of old friends And feeling like a stranger. I change my mind More than anybody you know, But without change How should I grow? Even the best of books Collect dust Even the best athletes Experience rust I am like the weak Pretending […]

  • Random Rhymes

    This is where I like to be Just me, my tree And my roach to be This is how My time I spend Translating knowledge From mind to pen Just because he pulled it out Doesn’t mean he can’t put it away Just because you haven’t seen it Doesn’t mean it can’t make you its […]

  • Love

    Love the World like you love yourself Love the Humble like you love your Wealth Love the Noisy like you love your Stealth Love the Sick like you love you Health

  • Just Thinking

    There’s always more to learn More to earn And more to burn To discern is to learn It’s like we earn just to burn They say that, “Money is for earning” But that’s funny; I always see it burning! Would you agree that knowledge is for learning? Is a Book still a book if the […]

  • I found Wisdom

    I found wisdom in time I found wisdom in rhyme I found wisdom, now it’s mine I found wisdom… undefined There is wisdom in the night There is wisdom in the day There is wisdom hidden from sight There goes wisdom on its way! Wisdom comes to those who seek Wisdom comes from those who […]

  • And so it is

    The lord is generous, and so I give My God loves life, and so I let the spiders live The lord works in mysterious ways, and so I remain a mystery I know that success leaves clues, and so I study history Heavenly Father I thank you for all the great teachers before me In […]

  • A letter to my 1st love

    I still think of you night and day, thoughts just aren’t as pleasant. I thank you for the book, but I haven’t touched your preasant. I heard some things so painfully necessary, got the monkey off my back too much weight for me to carry. I used to think you’d always be mine, I’m beginning […]