Author: Skilz

  • my inspiration

    oil spills and such, Green house gases errupt, Goverment corrupt, Have we not had enough? Free speech on the line, While the sheep, Bleet, tweet and sleep, Feeding into fake media frenzy, Instead of unity, Theres envy, Brother can you spare a penny? Back in the day it was a dime, But its much worst […]

  • R.I.P. Shawn Bell- “Third World Mind State”

    We need to do it like the third world and take it to the street, not looting and burning, but sniping police, how much more should we take? young brothers get deceased, over how many years now, we struggling for peace, peaceful demonstrations, instead of clapping the beast, now its eye for eye, listen close, […]

  • Struggles

    KRS told us a time ago, we must learn, instead of street life, the only knowledge earned, or how much them sneaks cost, and who got burned, or how much them freaks cost, now I’m concerned, I discern, our priorities mixed up, fighting each other, and at the same time, now He’s out to get […]

  • Haves and Have Nots

    It’s a cold world out there, the haves versus the have nots, so unfair, that the poor worry for food, the rich without care, certain things we should share, imagine living without air, or no coats for your kids and its brick outside, black girl lost, turning tricks outside, and just last week one of […]

  • Keepin it Ill

    My whole persona real, and don’t really care if I cop me a deal, don’t walk with it, but keep my eye on the steal, come talk wit it, and then you dying for real, but I ain’t a gangster, ain’t my desire to kill, but for this freedom, I’ll hold this iron for real, […]

  • Need a Solution

    Stay focused, don’t follow the hocus pocus, why can’t everything be peace, and no need for toasters, or watchin ya back, wary of the vultures, dodging strays in the corners, hiding with crack smokers, most of our problem is that we lack culture, unaware of our roots, overseas they try an scare em wit troops, […]