Category: Penman Lounge

  • Standing on the outside

    Standing on the outside looking in hands holding strings making moves watching but not participating day in day out nights blending into each other on and on it goes on and on this life flows never ending never ceasing movements weakening one by one they disappeared now alone standing on the outside looking in fading […]

  • Memories of Her

    I search to find memories of love between my mother and I and not let the harangued remembrances corrupt It is very hard The bad ones interfere too much I long I need to remember her with love I know there were some good times They are like precious pearls Lucent suffused memories I do […]


    You know me We met a million lifetimes ago Don’t I seem a little familiar I was your handmade Pinocchio The world was spinning out of control I had to come and find you Thank God we got back in time Looked like the end was long overdue When I look into yours eyes I […]


    If I saw you again would you love me for real Could we ever forgive our wrongs and shady past If so, I’ll meet you again where the river ends This dream has been broken my good old friends (Ah) If we take our time I’m sure we all could begin, again To love one […]


    She came to me in a dream She comes from beyond she is Supreme She knows I love her and she loves me She displays nothing and know everything Mother Anna I need ya forever Mother Anna come back home to me Mother Anna let me see that angel smile Mother Anna I’ll be right […]

  • The Tao of the Ant

    Ku-fan-ku, Mindless mind, eternal sight, Pedigree pulp of all in no-time, The red ants remind me of first love, Where I walk upon the broken stones And know all things without thought. My body is the universe my mind has made. Ku-fan-ku, I give thanks up to what At last, is me. The sun is […]


    Out of nowhere My love did grow It finally took control It turned me inside out Do you need me around Could you use my help Maybe we can start over Climb this mountain together Shake the ground we stand over Meet the new day forever Do you want me around Would you use my […]

  • An I Nation

    One ’s self is what matters most, a rule with no exception. And this generation here has gone far with that perception. This is an I nation you can hear it in their songs. It is established in their demeanor with no intent on being wrong. I have this, I have that, I am this, […]


    When you come I will be here To hold your hand And always be near (forever) Please don’t be long I’m ready to begin To share our love And be your friend (forever) If you don’t come I will never be the same But I believe in something That true love is no game (and […]


    It was a long time ago We were far away I kept all our dreams Together in a jar I knew this day would come But no one believed my words Then the sun melted away And I had to wait another day Got caught up in the system Got covered up in the lie […]