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    Lost all my friends and that’s okay We weren’t real friends that was just our way Something in this world has gone a stray Can’t blame them and can’t blame me – it was all Wrong, wrong, wrong (2X) We don’t live and die we all just survive Making our way through a beautiful cruel […]


    I never thought I’d fall in love with a girl like you Blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile made just for me I never saw it coming, but that’s usually how it goes True love can’t really be found, it finds you when you’re ready to see I never imagined that God had a […]

  • Stars

    When the stars first leave the sky blank and dark Consciousness hopes to find a home resting for a moment while we await an answer The event shocks the soul, forcing a collective recognition of a star’s impact Time is crippled and slow to move forward Without restraint, we collect ourselves only to lash out […]

  • The Lord’s Light

    Dream within a dream, within a dream, within a dream Awake to a new bright world where we all can have love and peace Make a choice to give your heart and open the gates to relief Let the morning rise the day and bring us into the night Let our minds fade away and […]

  • Convection Scan for John Ashbery

    The red taillights, car & all disappear by themselves down the long avenue. Most things take the same amount of time. The idea behind thought is to make things faster. No flipping or arranging trays of meaning suffices. You must try to get it over & over. An isolated cluster of nation building satisfies some. […]

  • Quietly Fall

    Pale petals fall on this autumn day, curl oblong & blank, stare at the sky like feline Asian eyes. Trails of mist spray over the soil, vacant tendrils reach for the light. Gradually, the sun coats the fence with pastel shadows. Fits of breeze strike chairs turned to dusk. In calamity we find our limits. […]

  • Texture, Flavor on A Worn Table

    1. We evolve into people we don’t recognize. All the years of pictures present ongoing evidence. 2. There is nowhere to sit and just one menu. The staff is hurried, yet reserved. There are no reservations to be gained. We order what we hated long ago. What is good for you takes on new meaning.

  • Choices for Rae Armantrout

    1. Vaseline eases some things along, even those that need further resistance. If we leave all options on the table can it hold the “weight?” What transpires is action animated by a lack of seeing where we could be, i.e., r.p.g. & thee, etc. 2. Relations age some explode ask the Afghans you never know […]

  • Laguna Soulfire Coronations

    Here’s a handful of Fire-echo starheart diadems – For ghost-framed, leaping Leviathans! Photonic Ophelia ossifying, sleeping, Guards my watchwell sweetly – But what kind of echo has this fire? When my starheart bursts with such vertiginous Desire? The self-framed soul sires this flame, leaping From untenable windows Into the unutterable boiler rooms of Time. The […]

  • currently

    There are wisps of recurring conversations, whispers of parents, college friends, favorite movies, music coming in & out of focus. Favorite cigarette moments with different women. Ethereal galleons floating on vagrant winds unseen. They come back in the dead of night when nothing is held back & an ancient calliope can he heard. If I […]