the chili cock sauce
will leave your lips burning
though not the same way
as the sweet cream
deliberately whorey
to match my recklessness
I should spin this on repeat
since it’s no longer a rarity
to see myself jumping
both feet in
with a hand over my eyes
but the other this time
may be holding one
that doesn’t belong to me
this could differ
in that I’m not the only
one to take the plunge
I’ve got a second at the helm
kicking up the speed
as we take a dangerous course
I could be ten years younger
and it wouldn’t make a difference
but it’s cracked the shell
which made me feel
at least ten older
now I’m grinning
ear to ear
with a seared pink ring
around my mouth spreading
‘cause for once I can admit
how drawn I am to the sting
and I don’t mind if you watch
as I eat it up

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