Tag: #Poet Battle Round 2

  • Holler

    there is a greatness resting within you It is untouched by this earthly world you live in It is constructed by the very fabric of existence itself It is the true nature of all creation There is nothing that can harm this There is nothing that can taint this There is nothing that can stop […]

  • Crocodile

    the chili cock sauce will leave your lips burning though not the same way as the sweet cream deliberately whorey to match my recklessness I should spin this on repeat since it’s no longer a rarity to see myself jumping both feet in with a hand over my eyes but the other this time may […]

  • For My Birthdays

    I was barely there, Passed out and now Unable to recall anything, The screaming, hers Or mine, the blood, And the light, which was either A beautiful moon or A terrible eye, the first one Having a look at me. What a terrible party it must have been, I’m glad I missed most of it, […]

  • .rock.roll.rumble.com

    The heart our heart is beating a hollow drum flittering filled with empty Daimler Dreams the heart changes in all things king of the hill stumbles dandruff on the shoulder of your Armani jacket in this land of lowered pulse… but the food is good (says Winthrop) and the boys are doing fine…just fine the […]

  • A wound in time (for Stephanie Wilson)

    the ride to the coast was a treat like being offered a reward for good behavior but we had to come back like a segregated recluse to the center of the sugar patch we did not know that exclusion had been forced its policy implemented on the sides of our school buses divided like main […]

  • The Battle

    The sheets and blankets of thunder clap, The inky debris like militia led towards the black, Clawing up the skyline. Desperate to join the battle of light and dark, The hounds of hell bark and the angels hark, It is Evil versus the Divine. I watch this battle curiously, Which side to support I question […]

  • Knighthood

    Once boys were young and had naught but fun trained and done learned all that they could Two young men would then step forth brethren And join in the ranks of Knighthood. One west one East and still friends, at least until a dark cloud fell over their land And peace then ceased as men […]