there is a greatness resting within you

It is untouched by this earthly world you live in
It is constructed by the very fabric of existence itself
It is the true nature of all creation

There is nothing that can harm this
There is nothing that can taint this
There is nothing that can stop this

– From bringing you to ultimate freedom: Complete Union with IT.

In essence,
IT is You.
You are it.
There is no reason to search outside of yourself
Once your Divine Eye has been awakened
True Knowledge will allow you to See, Feel, Taste, Hear
to become
What you came to Become

So Listen!
To the serene song of certainty
Arising from the nectar of your soul,
A melody of emancipation
always playing
just behind the confines of your mind

Leave behind the armor of your identities
For only in walking naked, in solitude,
and in complete surrender to love
Can you leave the chambers of your Mind
And enter
into the Gates of Illumination

Please Be not afraid
of losing those things you treasure
For the only treasures of any value
Are eternal
And cannot be lost

Your Devotion to LOVE itself
Will be your own restoration
And as your heart attains complete worship
Of love’s perfect glorious nature
You shall be granted the eternal Blessings
Of this perfect presence
As your Life
As your Light
As your every breath
Taking you deeper
Into the ocean of Supreme Love
That you always have been
And that you always will be

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