Once boys were young and had naught but fun
trained and done learned all that they could
Two young men would then step forth brethren
And join in the ranks of Knighthood.
One west one East and still friends, at least
until a dark cloud fell over their land
And peace then ceased as men turned to beasts
And one would die by his own brothers hand
These two friends lives they now divide
as each side then took up arms
And oath one friend was sworn to defend
While one burned down the villagers farms
With the country at war it was not long before
They were sure the big battle had come
The lines were drawn and at the brink of dawn
Came the trumpeting horns and war drums
Soon the battle enraged with both sides engaged
It was staged to become a tie
Rather than be caged both knight and page
Resolved they’d both rather die.
In a field of blood and bone they stood alone
There shown a gruesome scene
Old friends that hadn’t known that when they’d grown
They’re blade own a bloodied sheen
During a clash of swords a dash upwards
Straight towards the avenger guard
It was not a slash but words of trash absurd
that brought these two champions forward…
One said “Old friend, prepare to defend!”
A thrust sword to fend him away
“Your wounds won’t mend to that i’ll surely attend”
“I shall render your entrails astray!”
And flurried parried sparks of blades and blocks that hit their marks
and bad remarks that hit their softest vein
As it grew dark a blades deadly arc
upon its mark drew forth mortal pain.
And to his dying friend his knight friend said
“we’ve done, all that we could”
He said “My friend, this is the end”
“Of the long lost age of Knighthood”.

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