In her room stand the walls, she painted with her pain. One of them deep blue in color, fully depicts her strain. Another holds the window, as the portal to her minds eye. Through it beckons the sun, arousing her in a majestic sky. Appears an apparition from Omega making her sane by rendering to […]


You don’t need any Prozac because you already have me You bleed me in whole, pump me through your veins and then you begin to feel free In those moments of ecstasy you take all that you feel you need You make the most of your vacation then go back to where you vowed to […]

Strange Ways

The lack of preparation for a final onslaught has cost me dearly. I have fought the fine fight and lost the battle over my heart. The failure in my defense is and always has been my weakest link, the ever loving ever-lasting deeply soulful Purple Heart. Many times I have obtained this badge of honor. […]

Nature Made

Early in the morning hours I called upon his name. Immediately fear fled from me, it was a dark and formless shape. Later in the daylight hours upon the wind he came. There were creatures flying round about singing of his praise. The electricity in the air did seem to touch upon my brain. The […]